YUKON, Oklahoma –
Crews in Yukon wrestled with quite a problem Wednesday. A 170,000-pound house slid into a muddy ditch. 

The mobile home wasn’t too mobile. It was being transported down Banner Road, when the driver swung too far right and drove it right into a ditch.

Ross Jacobs owns the house and was following it, when it slipped into the ditch Tuesday around noon.

“I was trying to get the drivers attention to keep him from getting closer to that white mailbox over there. That’s the one that put them in a ditch,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs, who has been driving trucks for the better part of his 80 years on this planet, thought it was a bad idea to move the double-wide in one piece. But the owner of the trucking company that moved it convinced him otherwise.

Billy Walker, who works for Striker Construction, saw the home movers trying to pull the house out of the ditch with a tiny Bobcat.

“They wouldn’t work,” said Walker. “A Bobcat don’t pick up that much.”

Walker, who exemplifies the Oklahoma Standard stepped in, no charge, with heavy equipment and the bodies to work it.

First, Walker brought in a crane, then an excavator.

“That machine there can pick up straight up underneath it about 39,000 pounds. And it didn’t even budge it. What was the biggest problem we’re running into? Bogging down. Stick it in the mud,” explained.

He said this wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. 

“Yeah. But it didn’t. It was turning out to be a little bit more,” said Walker.