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More details surface on the upcoming XIDU PhilBook Y3 laptop – gizmochina

The Shenzhen-based XIDU yesterday released a “sneak and peek” press release yesterday about their next model and today they are back with more details about the PhilBook Y3. The new model will arrive next month and it is expected to be of high quality and performance. According to the company, once you hold the Philbook Y13 you will immediately become the company’s fan. Let’s see what else it brings to the table.


360° Rotatable Touchscreen: 2-in-1 Notebook and Tablet

XIDU PhilBook Y3

Philbook Y13 adopts the 2in1 design that offers multiple modes to the user. By taking advantage of the 360° flexible hinges you can rotate the display up to 360°. When you adjust the angle to 180°, you can share the screen with a friend or client while the multi-touch display enables users to drag, click, and type anything without the need of a mouse and physical keyboard. In addition, when at work, you can use the work mode for high efficiency and when you return home you can use tent mode to relax watching a movie or TV Show.


Large Display with 4.9mm Narrow Edges

XIDU PhilBook Y3

Nowadays, a fullview display is standard in smartphones and it’s starting to enter the laptop market too. The PhilBook Y3 features 4.9mm narrow bezels around its 13.3″ display offering an immersive viewing experience that is rare among 2in1 laptops in the market. Also, this allows for a screen/body ratio of 75% usually found in mid-to-high end products. Moreover, the display supports multitouch and has 1920*1080 resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio to be comfortable for document editing, web browsing, and watching videos or photos.


Processor and other features

XIDU PhilBook Y3

Philbook Y13 comes with a Kaby Lake R 8th generation CPU that clocks up to 1.8GHz backed by  8GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 128GB or 256GB SSD. This combination offers smooth performance during office work and even when processing large picture and video processing apps or even heavy games. Only minor stuttering was reported during heavy testing so users have nothing to worry about. Apart from the CPU, the Philbook Y13 comes with a backlit keyboard and various external ports including 1xUSB 3.0, 1xType-C, 1xMicrophone Jack, 1xTF card slot, and WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with integrated Bluetooth (Intel Snowfield Peak module).

XIDU PhilBook Y3

XIDU philBook Y13 is expected to hit the market next month and you’ll be amazed by its metal body and luster as it looks like a much more expensive laptop than it is. Also, XIDU takes care of after-sales service and guarantees the wellbeing of your coexistence with it. If you can’t wait until next month, you can grab one of the rest models from XIDU taking advantage of the coupon offered here.

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