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Mum’s car cleaning hack using $16.95 Officeworks gadget a ‘game changer’ – PerthNow

An unlikely office gadget has taken social media by storm after an Aussie mum shared how she uses it to clean pesky nooks and crannies when cleaning her car.

Picking up dirt, dust and crumbs from in-between the console, seats and drink holders has long been an impossible task, but a mum’s genius hack has claimed to solve those woes once and for all.

Posting to the Mum’s Who Clean Facebook page – which boasts over 200,000 members – the mum revealed how a tiny keyboard gadget cleaned the pesky hard-to-reach places in no time.

The Desktop Vacuum is available from Officeworks for just $16.95 and can be powered by simply plugging it into your car’s USB port.

The gadget also comes with two different nozzles.

Mum’s on the Facebook page have praised the hack as a “game changer” for getting those pesky nook and crannies a larger vacuum tends to miss.

“I need one!” another mum wrote.

“That’s so cool!” another commenter wrote.

The post – complete with a video of the gadget in action – has received hundreds of likes and comments for mum’s commending the genius hack.

The USB Desktop Vacuum is available in-store at select Officeworks stores.


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