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N Korea threatens to cancel Trump summit

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North Korea has said it may reconsider attending a summit with US President Donald Trump if the US insists it gives up its nuclear weapons.

The highly anticipated meeting between Mr Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is due to take place on 12 June.

It came about because North Korea said it would be prepared to give up its nuclear weapons programme.

But on Wednesday, it withdrew from talks with South Korea, angered by its joint military drills with the US.

North Korea’s state media on Wednesday quoted Vice-Foreign Minister Kim Kye-gwan as saying that if the US “corners us and unilaterally demands we give up nuclear weapons we will no longer have an interest in talks and will have to reconsider whether we will accept the upcoming DPRK-US summit”.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the official name for North Korea.

The latest announcement appears to be a further reaction to Max Thunder, the South Korea-US military drills currently talking place in the South.

The drills had been due to take place around the time of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, but were postponed because of an unexpected thaw in North-South relations.

North Korea had previously said it understood that the drills needed to go ahead.

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N Korea threatens to cancel Trump summit

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