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New iPhone Details Highlight Apple's Power Problems – Forbes

Apple is expected to (finally) match the capabilities of rival Android handsets by offering 2018’s new iPhones with fast charging out of the box. But it’s pushing the production line hard to do so.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the new iPhone lineup during a media event at Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California (Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

Although a popular feature on many mid- and high-end Android handsets, fast charging has been missing from the iPhone’s specification sheet. Although the circuitry would allow a higher rated AC adaptor to push in more power than the bundled 5W accessory, the likes of Samsung’s Quick Charge and OnePlus’ Dash Charge systems have left the iPhone’s charging times rather lacklustre.

That’s set to change in 2018 with fast charing circuitry expected to be included in the electrical design of the presumptively named iPhone, iPhone X and iPhone X Plus due up in September, as noted by Stephen Silver:

In a new research note provided to by AppleInsider, Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities believes that Apple will upgrade from 5V 2A to 9V 2A and 5V 3A charging circuitry in its upcoming iPhone generation. Their interest in doing so is to “support more applications , provide a quicker recharge, and better compete with Android OEMs.”

Apple already has a higher rated charger available, but new designs of the iPhone charger have recently leaked, showing a charger with USB-C connectivity (matching the ports on the new Macs and MacBooks). Mac Otakara reports that this new charger is under production, but the quantities required for the launch of the new iPhone handsets mean that there will only be enough to go ‘in the box’, not onto Apple Store shelves.

Need a second iPhone charger or a replacement for your new handset? Get in line and wait.

There was of course one other fast charing ‘standard’ announced by Apple with the iPhone X… but it’s probably best not to ask Tim Cook and his when Apple’s vapourware AirPower peripherals are going to be released. It’s been over ten months since the product was revealed, and the wireless charger is still missing.

Now read more about Apple’s fast charging plans for the iPhone…

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