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New Super Monkey Ball game revealed for consoles and PC – Metro.co.uk

Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball – he seems happy to be back (pic: Famitsu)

Sega is reviving Super Monkey Ball for its first new game in years, although it’s not quite as new as fans would’ve hoped for…

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It’s been seven years since there was a new Super Monkey Ball game on consoles and much longer than that since the franchise’s heyday on the GameCube.

But after a listing on the Taiwanese rating board hinted that a new game was on the way, Japanese mag Famitsu has officially unveiled what seems to be called Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball.

According to Google Translate Tabegoro means about to eat, although Famitsu uses the word Tagogo – which may be an alternate spelling or mistranslation.

Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball – any port in a storm (pic: Famitsu)

Even without the perils of translation the reveal is very short on information, although the game is said to be coming out on 31 October in Japan, for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Although perhaps the most important detail is that it’s actually a remake of 2006 Wii exclusive Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, which was one of the better late era games. Although obviously it’s a bit disappointing it’s not a brand new game.

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That explains the rather basic graphics, although a Wii port seems an odd choice – unless the absence of an Xbox One version means it’s going to use the motion controls of the Switch and PlayStation 4 controllers.

What’s just as likely though is that it will only be released in Japan, where the Xbox One is irrelevant.

Hopefully we’ll find out more when the print version of Famitsu comes out on Thursday, although that won’t necessarily say anything about a Western release.

Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball – will it get a Western release? (pic: Famitsu)

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