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No terror camp in India-cited areas: Pakistan on Delhi’s dossier – Times of India

NEW DELHI/ISLAMABAD: Expressing disappointment at Pakistan effectively rejecting India’s dossier on Jaish-e-Muhammed‘s complicity in the Pulwama terror attack, the government on Thursday said Islamabad regrettably continued to be in denial as it even refused to acknowledge Pulwama as a terror attack.

Pakistan, the government said, had not shared details of credible action, if any, taken by it against terrorists or terrorist organisations based in territories under its control.

Indian high commissioner Ajay Bisaria sought concrete and irreversible action against terror sanctuaries in a meeting with Pakistani officials on Wednesday.

“We are hardly surprised, as this identical script was followed by Pakistan in the past, after the terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008 or in Pathankot in 2016. It is a well-known fact that the JeM and its leader Masood Azhar are based in Pakistan. This was again acknowledged recently to international media by Pakistan’s foreign minister. There’s no dearth of sufficient actionable information and evidence in Pakistan itself to take action against them, if there is sincerity and intent to do so,” the government said in a statement, while adding that it was still examining the paper handed over by Pakistan.

Pakistan earlier on Thursday rejected the dossier submitted by India on the Pulwama attack and said the preliminary investigation established no links of any Pakistani, including Azhar, with the suicide bombing. Pakistan’s foreign ministry also denied the existence of the 22 terrorist camps in Pakistan which had been mapped by India in its 91-page document.

A ministry of foreign affairs (MoFA) statement said that while 54 detainees were being investigated, no evidence linking them to Pulwama attack had been found so far. “Similarly, the 22 pin locations shared by India have been examined. No such camps exist. Pakistan is willing to allow visits, on request, to these locations,” the statement said. Amid pressure from the global community, Pakistani authorities had taken Azhar’s son and brother in “preventive custody” in the first week of March.

India also asked Pakistan to abide by the commitment it gave in 2004 vowing not to allow any territory under its control to be used for terrorism against India. Pakistani foreign office spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said on Thursday that Pakistan had informed India that it was ready to cooperate if they have actionable intelligence and evidence that would pass muster with Pakistani courts.

No terror camp in India-cited areas: Pakistan on Delhi’s dossier – Times of India

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