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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 Coming in August (Report) – Laptop Mag

If you’ve been waiting for Nvidia’s next-generation, GTX 1180 card you’ll reportedly get to exhale soon. The GPU, which reportedly features improved VR capabilities, is expected to launch by the end of August at the latest. 

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When, exactly, this card will debut is up for some debate at the moment. The event may take place as early as July 30, as TweakTown’s declared that to be the case. Our sister site AnandTech, though, notes that the program for the Hot Chips conference in August briefly listed a talk entitled “NVIDIA’s Next Generation Mainstream GPU,” before removing the reference from the lineup.

The latest this could fall to, though, seems to be the latter half of August, as Videocardz notes that AMD is sending invitations to its own event during the Gamescom show, which begins on August 21 this year.

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Anonymous sources tell our sister site Tom’s Hardware that Nvidia will use a new “VR-friendly connector that will provide much higher refresh rates over a single connection than previously available.” The card will also provide the capability of rendering 4K games at 120Hz to 144Hz, which will support the new 144Hz, 4K gaming monitors that Nvidia is releasing this summer.

The GTX 1180 is also supposedly able to output VR content at up to 120Hz headsets, at high resolutions, over a single cable. Tom’s Hardware is split on whether this connection will be a proprietary cable or an HDMI cable.

As for pricing, the 1180 is expected to drop in two versions: a low-end $999 card and a $1,499 variant with more RAM.

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