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Officials identify two men gunned down at Casa Grande Mobile Home Park – KEYT

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – Officials have identified the victims that were gunned down at the Casa Grande Mobile Home Park on Friday. 70 year old Kurt Bracke and 78 year old Richard Hanen both died at the hands of the shooter, whom police believe was found dead in a mobile home that was set on fire. 
Police also concluded that there were two additional victims found in the burned home.  

“I knew as soon as I saw him and I heard the shots, I knew that is exactly what had been done because he was threatening to harm them. I never thought he was going to shoot anybody,” said a neighbor who knew the alleged shooter.

“There had been on and off fights going on for about two months. And the suspect threaten to stab them on the golf course,” said neighbor Bob Fenna. Fenna said the shooter considered him his friend. 

Neighbors say both Bracke and Hanen reported the alleged shooters threatening behavior to management. They believe it is what caused the shooter to get evicted, promoting this horrific attack. 

“He was one scary guy,” said neighbor Lisa Blaskie

Community also members suspect the other two burned bodies officials found were the alleged shooters wife and son. 

“We heard that she had been abused, and that her son was able to come and live there because of the abuse,” said Blaskie.

The three bodies were burned so badly officials says they have to do DNA testing to identify the them.

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