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Paris helicopter prison break for gangster Redoine Faid

Redoine Faid

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Redoine Faid was in prison for armed robbery

A notorious gangster has escaped by helicopter from a prison in the Paris region, French authorities say.

Redoine Faid escaped after three heavily armed accomplices landed the helicopter in the prison courtyard.

Faid, 46, has been serving a 25-year sentence for a failed robbery during which a police officer was killed.

This is his second prison break: in 2013, he escaped after taking four guards hostage as human shields and destroying a number of doors.

He staged that escape less than half an hour after arriving at a prison in northern France.

In 2009 he wrote a book about his experiences of growing up in Paris’s crime-ridden suburbs and graduating into a life of crime.

He claimed to have turned his back on crime, but a year later he was involved in the failed robbery for which he was imprisoned at the Seine-et-Marne prison.

Faid and his accomplices escaped from the prison courtyard – which was not protected by a net – without injuring anyone, French news website Europe 1 reports.

The helicopter then flew to the nearby Gonesse area. It was then found burnt out by local police.

Paris helicopter prison break for gangster Redoine Faid

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