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PC softball competes to the end in back to back games – Perrycountynews

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LEOPOLD – Perry Central’s softball  team is now on a two game win streak following a major road win versus the Paoli Rams, 11-7.
Olivia Hauser started on the mound for the Commodores with 8 strikeouts in the game. Paoli’s pitcher Eb Kerby threw 7 strikeouts against Perry Central.
In batting, Maria Hubert and Justice Cash each recorded 2 RBIs in the game. Hubert, Hauser and Maddie Labhart each had successful at bats for the Commodores with 2 hits a piece.
The Commodores broke out 3 runs to none in the first inning, but the Rams came back with 2 scored in the bottom of the second inning. The Commodores had a strong fourth inning, scoring 4 runs, while holding the rams to none.
Paoli scored 2 runs in the fifth inning to the Commodore’s 1.
Perry Central scored runs in the sixth and seventh inning to advance their lead and secure the win against the Rams.
“We were up and down batting wise but in the top of the sixth inning, the line up made some timely hits,” said Commodore softball coach Mark Rothgerber.
He added, “Kyra Hemmings caught for us since Jailyn Wheatley is out with a sore knee. Hemmings did a very nice job. We definitely need to get our pitching down, but we will be working on that in practice.”

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