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Prevent “avocado hand” with this gadget designed by UK teens – Foodiful

A group of British teenagers have invented a tool designed to make opening avocados safer after ‘avocado hand’ injury rate spikes.

Six UK teenagers have banded together to create the Avogo – a handheld tool specifically designed to cut and de-stone avocados on-the-go.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the group of Brighton College boys aged between 13 and 14 say they came up with the avocado-conquering gadget during a design and technology class.

Photo credit:  Avogo/Kickstarter

Photo credit: Avogo/Kickstarter

‘We knew that avocados are increasingly being consumed by many households… Many people will eat them at home but are less likely to take an avocado and knife into work to eat … because the preparation is so tricky,’ explains their Kickstarter page.

‘This, combined with the knowledge that ‘avocado hand’ was on the increase, spurred us on to set about designing a product that would help to make the process safer and enable you to eat avocados at work without the need to use a knife.’

If you stopped and stared at the phrase ‘avocado hand’, don’t worry we did too. 

Simply put, ‘avocado hand’ describes any injury that comes as a result of trying to open an avocado and remove the stone with a knife.

Photo credit:  Avogo/Kickstarter

Photo credit: Avogo/Kickstarter

The ‘proper’ way to open an avocado involves slicing the avocado all the way around and then whacking the stone with the sharp blade of the knife to prise it free of the flesh. If done improperly this manoeuvre can land you in emergency with a nasty cut. 

The Avogo inventors say their hook-shaped tool prevents this problem. The sharpened hook of the Avogo can be used to slice the avocado flesh, while the point can be used to safely pierce the stone and pry it loose.

Would you want to get your hands on an Avogo?

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