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Printable 2019 Ohio State football schedule – Land-Grant Holy Land

Can’t you just picture it? You’re at work. A coworker comes up to your desk.

“What are you doing Saturday, October 26th? Do you want to come to my daughter’s fourth birthday party?”

First of all, a fourth birthday party? Weren’t her first three birthday parties enough?! Secondly, a fourth birthday party on a FALL SATURDAY?

But wait, you’re in luck, because hanging up right next to your computer is your freshly printed Land-Grant Holy Land 2019 football schedule. You look for October 26th.

“Please, please be a home game,” you think to yourself.


“Oh no— I wish I could! The Buckeyes are playing Wisconsin at the ‘Shoe and I’ll be out tailgating that day. Send your 4-year-old daughter my regrets!”

Ideal scenario? That’s what we thought.

So, download and print this year’s LGHL schedule to prevent being blindsided with fall Saturday invitations. Because from Aug 31st onward, the only place you should be on any given Saturday is watching the Ohio State Buckeyes get a W.

Download your version here: LGHL’s Printable Ohio State 2019 Football Schedule

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