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Programmable USB hub

Thanks to a successful launch on the Crowd Supply website, the development team has announced that production is now complete and you can now purchase the hardware directly with the programmable USB hub available from $225 complete with a custom metal enclosure, light pipes and rubber feet

The board is not only a USB hub but also a development board I2C, GPIO and SPI bridge in one handy device. The CircuitPython based development board offer is a bridge between your computer and I2C (via Sparkfun Qwiic connectors), GPIO, and SPI (via its mikroBUS header).

Specifications of the USB2 High-Speed Hub :

– 4x USB2 High Speed (480 mbps) downstream ports
– 1x USB2 High Speed (480 mbps) upstream port
– 5th endpoint on USB hub exposes I2C, SPI, UART, and 2x GPIO
– Data lines to each USB port can be disconnected via software commands. This allows errant USB devices to be “unplugged” virtually and re-enumerated.
– USB digital signals can be boosted to help drive long cables.

Specifications of the Power Monitoring and Control :

– 5 V power on each downstream port can be individually turned on and off
– Monitor the power consumed by each port at up to 1 kHz at a resolution of 13 mA
– Adjustable (per-port) current limits between 0.5 A and 2.6 A
– Onboard regulators support 12 V to 24 V power input and generate 6 A of 5 V power for downstream devices. No power is drawn from the upstream USB port.
– Input power is protected from over-voltage events and reverse-polarity connection.

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