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Psion inspires Raspberry Pi laptop – Electronics Weekly

Raspberry Pi has inspired numerous laptops and two here show a very neat exploitation of  the computer. 

 nokton35mm’s “RasPSION” Pi laptop build  has the Raspberry Pi 7″ display as well as a Bluetooth keyboard, 5V battery pack and the Pi camera. 

It has a laser cut case, and its pivoting hinge mechanism is the bit which is inspired by Psion.

Another laptop build using Pi is by  Igor Brkić who uses a Pimoroni Hyperpixel touchscreen HAT which sits on  a Pi  that has been stripped of all bulky connectors to reduce its height. 

The keyboard is BLE connected with the power coming from  a deconstructed USB power bank with a lithium-ion pouch cell. 

The case is a  3D-printed clamshell.

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