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PT Horror Game Remake Finally Releases On PC – Screen Rant

Those who missed their chance to play the infamous P.T., the “playable teaser” for the canceled Silent Hills project, on the PlayStation 4 when it first debuted 2014 will now have a second chance at experiencing the fabled horror game. A young developer is remaking it for the PC. And it’s totally free.

P.T., the playable teaser for the proposed Silent Hill installment Silent Hills, wowed early players with its detailed environment, lovely graphics, and slow burn horror. Many were immediately sold on the potential full-length game. But game designer Hideo Kojima shockingly left Konami, leading to the cancelation of Silent Hills and P.T. being pulled from the PlayStation Store. Despite P.T.‘s short run, it is still often regarded as one of the scariest titles in video game history. Those looking to play the trailer who had not downloaded it before the cancelation had seemingly lost their opportunity. Now they are getting a second chance.

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Qimsar, a 17-year-old developer, and fan of P.T., is remaking the playable trailer for the PC, Polygon reports. The first build of the remake has already been released for free download on GameJolt. But Qimsar isn’t finished perfecting the PC version of the infamous horror game. Qimsar worries that the game may be taken down if Konami claims copyright infringement. But a former PC remake has been up on GameJolt since January. Still, should Qimsar’s port be taken down, the young developer has promised to provide the remake personally to anyone who wants it.

Following the cancelation of Silent Hills, Kojima announced he was officially retiring from horror games. The designer said he “scares easily” and admitted that his previous work in the horror genre was affecting him personally and giving him bad dreams. Many assumed that Death Stranding, starring The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus, would take up where Silent Hills left off. But Kojima claims Stranding is not a horror game despite all the general weirdness presented in sneak peeks of the game.

Prolific horror director Guillermo del Toro spoke out about the cancelation of Silent Hills. The director compared the shocking cancelation to the sometimes tricky-to-navigate production process in Hollywood in which projects can be abandoned without notice. The sudden cancelation of Silent Hillsmade no sense” according to del Toro. He credited Kojima with the ability to make a “really remarkable game” that would have been able to create a “panic” in players. The director was unable to comprehend the early demise of such a potentially groundbreaking title.

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Source: Polygon

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