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PUBG Developer's Latest Game Is A Social Networking Experience – TheGamer

KRAFTON Game Union, the developer of PUBG, is expanding into a rather different type of game that focuses on a social networking experience in its new game Mini Life. The game seems to emulate an extreme lifestyles that the most popular Instagrammers would strive to achieve, in a world where players need to socialize and indulge in the high life.

The game plays from a top-down third-person perspective similar to The Sims. Cartoony graphics fill the screen with an emphasis on cuteness. Players create their own avatars and get to work on making themselves well-known among the NPCs of the world. Social interaction is key through attending live events, trading, and over 3,000 fashion items meant to make your character stand out and stay on top of the trends.

It will be interesting to see how Trading works in Mini Life, which is described as occurring in the “Night Market.” Will this entail trading items that can be purchased with real money, or only those earned through jobs in the game?

Beyond personal style, players will also be tasked with building and decorating their own mansions and gardens. For now, it is unclear if this is an added benefit with increased options as your popularity soars, or if it is a core part of the gameplay that further increases one’s popularity.

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Moving passed the confines of the game itself, players will be able to take their avatars and add them to photos through the use of Augmented Reality features. Players can take all kinds of fun shots as their characters progresses and acquires more items in their adventure.

The title is certainly a departure from what one would expect from the developers of PUBG. It is interesting to watch and see how this manner of MMO game will work with many users, particularly since it is non-violent in all its content.

Via: pocketgamer.com

Whether the game is successful or not is yet to be seen, and since it is only launching formally this week, it may be some time before we have the answer. The monetization system for the game has yet to reveal if the game will be primarily a pay to win experience, or if there will be an option to play for free and slowly acquire the same items as those who pay.

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