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'PUBG Mobile' Beta Released – How to Play in the US – Newsweek

PUBG Mobile has quietly begun beta testing on the Canadian Google Play store, and it’s been fully localized in the English language. While U.S. and iOS solutions will likely be available soon, we want to show you the steps to join the party before everyone else. Follow this quick guide and you’ll have that chicken dinner to-go in no time.



As of right now PUBG Mobile testing is exclusive to Android devices with version 4.3 and higher. If your phone or tablet fits that description, we can move on with the steps. An iOS version is believed to be coming soon, but it’s not here yet.

'PUBG Mobile' gameplay This is what ‘PUBG Mobile’ looks like in action. Tencent/PUBG Corporation

  1. On your device, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play. Tap “Storage” and press the buttons to clear your data and cache.
  2.  Get a VPN application like TunnelBear. Open the menu to select your desired country and choose Canada. When asked if you’d like to tunnel to Canada, select “yes.”  
  3. Hit the large “Connect” toggle and wait for the process to complete.  
  4. Swipe down on the screen to open your Task Manager and disable all cellular data connection on your device.
  5. From your device or a desktop, open Chrome and click your existing Google Account avatar. Hit the “manage accounts” button. Hit “manage accounts” on the next screen again and select the option to Add Account.
  6. Click the Create Account button when prompted and fill in the necessary details. You can skip the option to enter your phone number.
  7. After that’s finished, make sure you’re signed in to the new account and click the PUBG Mobile beta link here.
  8. Open it in the Play Store and install. If you don’t see the install button, try hitting the Google Play menu button in the top left and make sure you’re signed in with the new account.
  9. Once the install begins, you can open TunnelBear, disable the VPN and re-enable your cellular data.   

This is the English version of the beta test, which means you don’t have to play PUBG Mobile in Chinese anymore. We’ll do our best to update this guide as future versions of the beta become available in other territories, but this is currently the best method to get the job done on Android.

PUBG Mobile is a free download on Android. An iOS test will likely happen shortly.

Were you able to get PUBG Mobile running using this guide? What do you think of the game now that it’s in English? Tell us in the comments section!

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