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PUBG Mobile Miramar Map: 3 Differences Between PC and Console Versions – DBLTAP

PUBG Mobile’s Miramar Map is quite different from the PC version.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most faithful mobile adaptations of the original game, in this case PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Developed by Tencent Games’ Timi Studio, PUBG Mobile features much of the same core gameplay of its PUBG Corporation-developed parent that had launched the battle royale genre into explosive popularity. 

Despite this, there are a few key differences between the vanilla PUBG experience, available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the PUBG Mobile variant, available on iPhone and Android. These are perhaps best exhibited by the map Miramar which shows off some of the major differences between the games. 

3. Graphical Quality

PUBG was never the most optimized of games, but it still featured more “graphical fidelity” than its Mobile version which must work with much more limited hardware. Consequently, beyond aesthetic appeal, this creates more restricted draw distances and rendering on Mobile. 

The Miramar map showcases this restriction as, despite drawing from a similar core ideal of dense urban areas, it must make do with significantly less props, buildings and models to try and recreate that environment.    

2. Interior Design

As a consequence of PUBG Mobile’s less powerful hardware, interior design similarly takes a hit in complexity compared to the PC/Console versions. In PUBG Mobile, rooms are much less cluttered with less aesthetic props, and often have less divisions with walls and doors more common in the PC equivalents of the buildings. Miramar’s dense urban regions again serve to really showcase this difference.

1. Footsteps and Other Sound Cues

PUBG utilizes sound design as part of its core gameplay and competitiveness, with audio cues directing players to potential threats. Due to the more restricted technology of mobile gaming, in particular with directional sound, this feature is instead demonstrated in PUBG Mobile on the heads-up-display with visual cues indicating nearby sound, a feature that was absent in the PC/Console versions. 

Images courtesy of Tencent Games and the PUBG Corporation

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