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PUBG Mobile Valentine's Day special: Couple gets married after finding each other on PUBG Mobile game – Times Now

PUBG Mobile and the perfect Valentine's day gift, read here

Nourhan with his partner&nbsp

PUBG Mobile has been stuck in the line of fire for some time now. The online battle royale game has been taking blows from various sides regarding the fact that players are getting addicted immensely to the game which is causing problems in the family and other areas as well. The government of Gujarat has already issued a directive to various primary schools towards banning PUBG Mobile in school premises. So much so is the intensity that a player from Jammu ended up in the hospital after he injured himself after losing a game on PUBG Mobile. But even in the light of all these, there is one such incident which reinstates the primary fact that the game is just meant to be played. In this case, PUBG Mobile acted as the Cupid and got two players to fall in love with each other and get married.

The man in question is named Nourhan-al-Hashish and he was one of the early adopters of the PUBG Mobile game and used to play with his squad with other players. In one of his normal matches, he met his future partner. The friendship blossomed over numerous games and Nourhan announced that he was getting engaged to his partner on Twitter after they met on the fields of PUBG.

“Started from PUBG, now we are here,” is what Nourhan penned down in one of his recent tweets. The new couple took to Twitter to announce their engagement on Twitter via photos. However, there is no other information on the couple’s story.

The tweet has already gone viral, with over 13,600 likes at the time of writing this piece. So this is good news for all those single ladies and gentlemen who are air dropping in fields to get the chicken dinner. They should probably look for a chicken dinner partner to go out with.

In other news, the latest 0.11.0 final update is slated to be rolled out this month. The new update will be bringing in a host of changes alongside zombie mode which is a result of a collaboration between Tencent and Capcom’s Resident Evil 2.

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