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RESULTS: Cloud9 Turn Their Fortunes Around, Beating Clutch Gaming For Better Seeding – Twin Galaxies (satire) (press release) (blog)

The final match of the regular season was a battle for seeding, as Cloud9 takes on Clutch Gaming to see who would claim 5th, and which would be stuck at 6th.

Our final match of the day pitted Cloud9 against Clutch Gaming for seeding heading into the playoffs. With both teams already qualified, the only decision would whether they would be entering as 5th seed, or 6th seed. Here’s a brief breakdown of the match.

Cloud9 claimed first blood when a dive by Clutch Gaming went horribly wrong, costing them the lives of two members. As Cloud9 attempt to translate this power to the bot lane, Clutch manage to turn the fight around and claim a kill for themselves.

Cloud9 attempt to gain pressure in the top lane, but the fight goes poorly with Clutch managing to trade kills to keep the lane equal. Both junglers make appearances in the mid lane again, looking for a pick before they contest the Dragon, but neither team can find an advantage. Cloud9 pull more members to the area, allowing them to secure the Dragon uncontested.

Cloud9 make another play at the bot side to claim another kill, while Clutch secure the first turret in the mid lane in reply. Clutch Gaming take down another turret in the top lane and secure the Rift Herald, while Cloud9 make a four man dive on the bot side to claim a kill and take down another turret to level out the gold.

Clutch Gaming move to secure their first Dragon while Cloud9 applies pressure on the top side. With Baron spawning soon, both teams move to establish vision in the area, before Clutch attempt to secure a kill in the bot lane. Cloud9 manage to escape alive, but lose their turret in the process as both teams head back to the Baron area. A large team fight erupts in the mid lane as both teams jockey for position, resulting in two kills for Cloud9 before both must disengage. Cloud9 move south to secure the Dragon before both teams look again towards the Baron area.

Both teams continue to jockey for position around the Baron, with Cloud9 continuing to push the top lane to create pressure. The teams engage in a minor skirmish in the bot lane that results in a trade of kills before both teams again withdraw. Clutch Gaming move to secure the next Dragon while Cloud9 establish vision control over Baron, rushing it down before Clutch can respond in time.Cloud9 attempt to engage onto Clutch in the jungle but CG turn the fight around, claiming a kill and forcing Cloud9 to withdraw.

As Cloud9 pressure the mid lane, a sudden engage nets them four kills right on the doorstep of Clutch Gaming, allowing them to take down the inhibitor and end the game to secure the 5th seed heading into playoffs.

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