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Roguekiller: The Best Anti-Malware Tool For Windows PC – Digital Overload

Nowadays it’s like we’re addicted to our computers, so it’s understandable why we have to face threats, such as malware, that can destroy all of our data from our PCs. The real question here is how you can deal with malware? The best answer is to use an anti-malware tool, like RogueKiller.

If we take a look at the name, we are tended to believe that’s a very strong anti-malware tool for Windows PC that’s able to get rid of both generic malware and advanced threats, such as worms, rogues or rootkits. The best part is that is also detected Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and Potentially Unwanted Modifications to the OS (PUMs).

What are its features?

It is written in C++, so RogueKiller scans malware by using some different techniques like heuristics and signature finding.

It can drop malicious DLLs from the running processes; it can kill malicious programs and services. This also happens if the programs are hidden. It can find malicious autostart entries and remove them, just as well as Registry hijacks.

This installation only takes 32MB of your storage (if you choose the 64 bit Windows version).  You will be asked to enter the license information. If you choose the free version, there will be no need for any purchase. Just press on Next and continue to the Dashboard.


This one gives you a quick overview of the entire system and tells you when a scan in the running. You can also find other tabs below the Dashboard one, such as Settings, Scan and History.

How to scan

First, click on Start, or the Scan tab and you will then be asked to choose the scan type that you need.

The standard scan is preferred, since it scans everything effectively in about 30 minutes.

Quick Scan is faster, it does it all in about 1 minute, and it scans the locations that may probably get malware.

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