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Surprise Fortnite update 11.50.1 released on Xbox, iOS and Switch – Dexerto

Epic Games have rolled out a surprise 11.50.1 update in Fortnite Chapter 2 for Xbox and iOS, with it also coming to Nintendo Switch soon. 

The developers of the uber-popular battle royale title are building towards the release of Season 2, bringing an end to the longest Fortnite season of all time when it launches on February 20 – following two delays.

Since the arrival of the game’s previous update, patch 11.50, on February 5, players have been experiencing a number of different stability issues in-game and it appears that this update will now address those.

fortnite chapter 2 screenshot
Epic Games

Fortnite players have been experiencing some stability issues since patch v11.50 went live – introducing a new game engine.

As has been the case since the beginning of Chapter 2 last year, there is a complete absence of official patch notes for this patch, although deploying a hotfix like this would suggest that Epic are reacting to some in-game bugs discovered following the last update.

The new update was confirmed first by the French official Fortnite account on February 11. According to Twitter’s built-in translation system, it states: “No, your consoles / iPhones are not lying to you. We have just deployed patch 11.50.1 on iOS and Xbox One to correct stability issues. The update will also be available soon on Nintendo Switch.”

Since patch 11.50 went live, which was supposed to bring back the Launch Pad in all its glory and implement a new game engine, it actually appears to have broken the returning item – marring their comeback.

The arrival of the updated Unreal Chaos Engine has seen the game’s developers acknowledge that revives aren’t working as they should, players experiencing difficulties using Jump Pads properly, and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has even discovered an issue when dropping in as well – with characters freezing in mid-air to spoil his drop.

Epic Games have previously stated that their next update would bring an end to a frustrating bug involving pickaxe weak spots.

However, it’s unclear as to what this new update has addressed specifically. Fans will be hoping a few of these issues have been resolved the next time they jump from the Battle Bus. We’ll add more details to this article if they’re made available.

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