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Talk about Travel (March 25) – Washington Post

I was traveling home on the final leg of an international trip, and was exhausted and not feeling so well. I was lucky enough to be seated at the window, next to an empty middle seat, and was leaning on the armrest, trying to relax.
The woman behind me had clearly had a few drinks before she boarded, and continued to get served onboard. She was loud, but pretty cheerful, and not too obnoxious, until she decided she needed a stretch. She stretched her bare foot between the seats, and right into my armpit, and proceeded to stretch and wiggle her toes, moaning and grunting with pleasure.
If this happened to me today, I would put a stop to both the stretching and any more drinks for her, but my younger and meeker self just moved off the armrest and leaned on the window.

Talk about Travel (March 25) – Washington Post

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