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The Blackout Club is Launching on PC and Consoles on 30th July – GameSpew

One of the most unique co-op experiences of 2019, The Blackout Club, will have your closing your eyes in order to see this July.

The folks at Question, the team creating the upcoming co-op game The Blackout Club, have officially announced the game’s release date. The game will be headed to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on July 30th. Those that grab the game on Steam during the summer sale can get it for a 20% discount.

After months of Early Access feedback, The Blackout Club will be launching with loads of new content.

In the game, your friend has gone missing. Something isn’t quite right in the town of Redacre and the adults simply aren’t listening. The boogeyman known as Angel looks over the town. All-seeing as the adults report the sins of the youth who are trying to unveil the cultist activities happening in the town. Those young ones are hunted by Angel, who can only be seen when your eyes are closed. Players will have to work together to help save their missing friend and uncover the truth about what is happening in Redacre.

Check out the trailer for the game below and watch out for the boogeyman this July.

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