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This bug allowed everyone to apply for Google CEO's position – Gadgets Now

If quite recently you by any chance came across a job opening for Google CEO on LinkedIn then it’s not because Sundar Pichai has quit or anything like that. In fact, it was a flaw reported in LinkedIn – a popular source for job hunters — allegedly allowed users to post any job listing on company’s pages without taking any permission or authorization. According to a report by The Next Web, it was Netherlands-based recruiter Michel Rijnders who discovered the flaw and informed the Microsoft-owned professional social network.

The bug allowed users to post an ‘unofficial’ job posting on any company’s LinkedIn business page. What’s alarming is that the job opening also popped up on Google Search as it avails listing information from different websites, like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, in a statement to Adweek, confirmed that the flaw has been fixed and there won’t be any issues like this now. In its statement, the company said, “This issue was caused by a bug in our online jobs experience that allowed members to edit the company after a job had already been posted. The issue has now been resolved. Fraudulent job postings are a clear violation of our terms of service.”

The company further noted that as soon as the issue was brought to its attention, it fixed it. “When they are brought to our attention, we quickly move to take them down. While we do allow companies to post on behalf of other companies (such as in the case of recruiting firms), this is only permitted with the knowledge of both parties.

Regarding free job postings, we have not historically had free job postings as part of the LinkedIn experience. However, we’re running a test that allows small and midsized businesses to post a limited number of jobs for free. This member was a part of that test.”

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