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Tough knowing when to switch it off – The Advertiser

OF THE TV shows that manage to reach greatness, however fleeting, very few retain that level of quality throughout their entire lifespan.

It’s hard to pull the plug when a series is in its ratings prime, and networks (and it seems especially in the US) can’t stop themselves going well beyond the point of common sense if the audience hasn’t totally deserted them.

Fortunately Glitch has the good grace, and sense, to go out on its own terms with its final Season 3. While some might be sad farewelling a beloved character and show, star Emma Booth was happy to wrap it up.

“The creators had finished telling the story and it’s a fantastic place to wrap it up,” she told me. “You’re not always guaranteed to make another series so at least we got to tell the full story.”

It is always, always better leaving your viewers wanting more.

Michael C. Hall of Dexter
media_cameraMichael C. Hall of Dexter

Unlike say Dexter. The first three to four seasons were brilliant. When it premiered in 2006, it boasted clever writing, a tension-filled string of situations and you found yourself inexplicably cheering for the vigilante serial killer played by Michael C. Hall. Then as the years went by, the situations became less intense and storylines were stretched out longer than they should have. Remember that one between Dexter and Deb? But you know what? All might have been forgotten had the serial killer drama stuck the landing, but it DID NOT. Don’t even get me started on the finale.

Gossip Girl also dragged on becoming utterly ridiculous. I loved the look into the opulent Upper East Side, but it should have ended long before it did, with Georgina or Dorota as GG, not *spoiler alert* Dan. And they still haven’t learnt, dragging it out for a reboot. It’s way beyond time to sign off with one final XOXO.

Matthew Le Nevez and Asher Keddie in Offspring. Picture: Channel 10
media_cameraMatthew Le Nevez and Asher Keddie in Offspring. Picture: Channel 10

And looking closer to home, much as it pains me, even Offspring was guilty. In 2014 we thought we had farewelled one of our favourite shows. It was all wrapped up neatly and tied up with a bow, or rather Patrick looking on giving his seal of approval to Nina’s fledgling relationship with Leo.

But it wasn’t the end. And we devoted followers kind of endured season six and its great Darcy-shaped hole, before the new writers found their groove and delivered a much-improved Season 7.

Really very few shows get it right, perhaps Friends – with its perfect The Last One Parts 1&2 – was the only Glitch in the matrix.

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