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Twitter Redesigns iOS App for One-Handed Scrolling – Search Engine Journal

Twitter has rolled out a subtle redesign of its iOS app, making it more convenient to use for those who hold their device one-handed.

The compose button has been moved to the bottom right-hand corner and “floats” as users scroll down their timeline.

That means the button is always available to quickly send a tweet when the mood strikes.

Users can also long-press on the compose button, which reveals options to quickly access drafts, tweet a photo, or search for a GIF.

Twitter Redesigns iOS App for One-Handed ScrollingTwitter Redesigns iOS App for One-Handed Scrolling

Publish More Media in One Tweet

As part of this update, Twitter has expanded the amount of media that can be included in a single tweet.

Users can now share up to 4 photos, 1 video, and a link or text in one tweet.

So there’s no need for users to blast multiple tweets when they have several pieces of media to publish.

More Spam Reporting Options

Also included in the same update are more spam reporting options.

When reporting a tweet for spam, Twitter now has the following 5 choices:

  • The account tweeting this is fake
  • Includes a link to a potentially harmful, malicious, or phishing site,
  • The hashtags included seem unrelated
  • Uses the reply function to spam
  • It’s something else

Toggle Between Latest Tweets and Top Tweets

Lastly, Twitter is adding a way for users to toggle between latest tweets and top tweets.

However, this is rolling out as a limited trial to a “small number” of users.

Those who are included in the trial will see a new icon on the top right of the iOS app.

Twitter shared an example of what it looks like, which you can see below:

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