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Twitter Testing New Profile Previews on iOS – Thurrott.com

Twitter is testing a new feature for its iOS app. The company today announced that it’s introducing a new feature that makes it easier for users to preview profiles on the app.

The new feature essentially works much like the profile previews you get on Twitter Web where hovering over a user’s @handle shows a preview of their profile, including their follower counts and bio.

And on iOS, the new feature works similarly — when you click on a user’s @handle, it opens up a menu from the bottom that shows a user’s bio and follower counts, with a quick button to follow/unfollow them, or go to their full profile. So instead of going directly to the full profile, you will now be taken to the preview and from there you can choose to go to the profile if you want.

The idea behind the feature is actually interesting because it seems to focus on follower counts, something Twitter has tried to de-emphasize in recent times. The feature does still make it easier to checkout profiles and go back to reading your timeline, so it might turn out to be really useful. It’s only being tested for the time being, so we will see how it works out.

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