Magisk developer John Wu has a history of quickly rooting both new phones and Android versions almost as soon as they land, but he’s exceeded his own already high standards today. Android Q may only exist for consumers as leaked, half-built, buggy builds circulating among forums, but Wu has already rooted it.

The news comes courtesy of an announcement from the developer himself over on Twitter, with a split-screen image demonstrating the proof: Magisk running on a device reporting to be Android Q.

Curiously, the version of both Magisk and the Magisk Manager shown in the screenshot is the current Canary build. Either Wu only needed to tweak the installation method, he didn’t change the build numbers when making the required changes, or the current installation method and app/Magisk versions work on Q without modification.

Whatever the mechanism, Wu maintains his reputation as one of the most prolific developers in the rooting community, stepping up the implicit challenge he issued against Google last year.