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WhatsApp stickers: How to make stickers on WhatsApp? iOS and Android explained – Express

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the most popular chat platform, uniting more than 1.5 billion users around the world. Part of WhatsApp’s attraction is it allows users to talk, and share instant messages and multimedia files on the move for free. And another of the platform’s appeal are the frequent upgrades – one of the latest being WhatsApp stickers.

How to download and use WhatsApp stickers:

There should be a 16-pixel margin between the actual sticker image and the edge of the 512×512 pixel canvas


The WhatsApp stickers feature allows its users to send different stickers while chatting, just like rival instant messaging apps.

WhatsApp has introduced a Sticker store to download more Sticker packs.

This sticker store also has the feature to delete and manage the already downloaded stickers.

The pre-requites for using stickers are WhatsApp version 2.18 or above and a working internet connection.

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WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp stickers: The feature allows users to send different stickers while chatting (Image: WhatsApp)


WhatsApp stickers: WhatsApp has introduced a Sticker store to download more sticker packs (Image: WhatsApp)

Begin by open WhatsApp on your smartphone or WhatsApp Web.

Next, select the contact to whom you wish to send the sticker.

Then tap on the Smiley found at the left of the text box.

Now, select the Sticker icon placed beside to the GIF icon, then tap the sticker to send.

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How to download and manage WhatsApp stickers:

Start by opening WhatsApp and select the contact in question.

Next, navigate to Stickers and tap the + icon found in the top-right of the stickers section.

Then choose the sticker pack you wish to download.

Now select the Download icon to start the process.

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WhatsApp stickers: he pre-requite for using stickers is WhatsApp version 2.18 or above (Image: Getty)

Should you wish to to delete stickers, visit the My Stickers tab and tap the Delete option.

How to create your own personal WhatsApp stickers:

The first necessary step is click the images you wish to transform into stickers and convert it to a PNG file format with a transparent, or blank background.

To create an image with no background, open Google Play Store and search for any background eraser app.

Next open any image you wish to convert into a sticker.

Now erase the background and crop it accordingly.

The next step involves saving the image in a PNG format, as WhatsApp only supports this format.

Remember, WhatsApp does not allow a sticker pack with less than three images

The final step requires users to download another app called Personal Stickers for WhatsApp.

This app automatically detects all the WhatsApp stickers you have created.

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