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Fake GPS: how to spoof your location on Android for Pokémon GO and avoid tracking – Tom's Guide

While every one of our best VPN picks can make it appear to websites that you’re in different locations by selecting different servers, many can’t give you a fake GPS location. While using regional servers is great for accessing Netflix and blocked content, apps that are allowed to access your location can still see exactly where you are.

In fact, only one VPN service on the market can currently also give you a fake GPS location, and surprisingly it’s the best cheap VPN available – Surfshark. Available for just $2.49 a month, Surfshark offers massive value for money, and this GPS spoofing feature is another string to its bow.

Although currently only available on Android devices, Surfshark has a dedicated GPS spoofing feature that can trick any app that’s keeping tabs on your location. Here, we’ll run down step by step how to activate GPS spoofing with a VPN (Surfshark and others), and then give you some ideas on how to make use of it.

How to get a fake GPS location with Surfshark

• First of all, you’ll need to sign up to Surfshark. Install the Android app, and accept the permissions Surfshark asks for.

• Then, you’ll need to go to the ‘About Phone’ section in Settings. 

• Tap ‘Build Number’ seven times to enter Developer Mode. 

• Go back to Settings, and tap ‘Developer Options’, which may be at the end of menu.

• Turn on ‘Mock Locations App’ – it may be called ‘Allow Mock Locations’ – and select Surfshark as your mock location app.

• Download and install the Mock Mock Locations module – some apps won’t function if Mock Locations is turned on, so this module hides the setting from them.

• Then all you need to do is open Surfshark and select a location – it’ll spoof your location automatically to match the server you’re connected to. Make sure you do this before opening any app you’re trying to trick.

digital map showing server locations

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Can I get a fake GPS location with different VPNs?

Yes, you can – although you’ll have to install a separate fake GPS app.

So, for example, if you want to use our top-rated VPN ExpressVPN (head over to the site to learn more), you’ll need to download a fake GPS location app – there’s one called ‘Fake GPS Location’ in the app store.

Then, after following the steps above, when you enter Mock Locations App in Developer Options you can just select your chosen spoofing app.

To get it working, you should open your VPN and connect a server first, then open your fake GPS app and set your location to near your VPN server, and then open the app you want to trick – in that specific order.

Why would I want a fake GPS?

One of the most popular reasons for this is to get a fake GPS on Pokémon GO. Players in certain areas may not have access to the variety of Pokémon they’d like, and those living in rural areas are especially disadvantaged.

There are a number of GPS spoofing apps available on the Google Play Store, but just using a fake GPS with Pokémon GO will mean the game will detect that your location doesn’t match your IP address. The game’s not afraid of banning people using this technique, so you need to be careful.

Thankfully, Surfshark’s world-class VPN service combined with its ‘mock GPS’ system works perfectly. You’ll be able to set the app up to spoof your GPS location to match the IP address of the VPN server you’re using. That way, you won’t be detected and you can catch all the Pokémon, conquer all the gyms and visit all the Pokéstops you like, wherever you are.

You might also be concerned that even if you’re using a VPN, apps like Messenger and Google Maps can tell where you are even when you might not want them to. By spoofing your GPS location you can send them on a wild goose chase until you really want to use a location service.

Which VPNs are best for fake GPS?

Thanks to its in-built fake GPS, Surfshark is our top pick for spoofing your location. That’s because you can do everything from within one app, and you don’t have to worry about getting your spoofed location wrong – it’s all automatic. Plus, it’s super cheap too, at just $2.49 a month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.View Deal

If you want the very best service on the market and don’t mind having to use a different app to spoof your location, we’d recommend ExpressVPN. With over 3,000 servers, blazing speeds and excellent apps for almost every device, it’s a more well-rounded service than Surfshark – and now you can claim three free months with Tom’s Guide.View Deal

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